Breathe One last moment, a word of life Good bye and God-be-with-ye A long journey through the garden paths Carefully tended flowers Weeds and rocks Reaching for the next post You have arrived in the resting abode breathe again No Regrets The day’s light dances a tango with the night’s darkness An arithmetic arranged The […]

Ineptitud en Consulado Dominicano en Nueva York

Hoy visité el consulado dominicano en Nueva York; perdí dos horas y media, y no logré hacer nada. Me avergüenza que seamos compatriotas, y que al admitir que yo soy dominicano, puedan otros pensar que yo soy tan incompetente. Al llegar avisé a la recepcionista que quería renovar mi pasaporte y mi cédula. Ella me […]


This past weekend G reached twenty-five months, and is generally doing well. We went to a dance parade, a book store, a playground, a park, a cafe, a laundromat and Legoland. It was fun. One thing I don’t like about restaurants is lengthy menus. Too many choices overwhelm me. If a restaurant serves burgers and pasta, and […]

Windows: Taking Screenshots

In Windows 8, pressing the Windows key and Print Screen key simultaneously will take a screenshot that is automatically saved to the Screenshots folder inside the Pictures folder. If this folder does not yet exist, it will be created.

Brown paper bag

Nov 20 13EL 18 CBlanca Guillen-On Dec 20th I bought a sandwich from Cozy Soup & Burger (on Broadway at Astor Place, in Manhattan), and received it in a Duro brown bag by Blanca Guillen, and had the code above. Another well-made bag that will be reused. I performed a web search for that name, […]

OS X: Emptying the Trash

In OS X, holding down the Option key while emptying the Trash will suppress the confirmation dialog. In the Finder, select Empty Trash from the Finder menu while pressing and holding Option on the keyboard.