PCEC Meeting Friday 9/14/2018

On Friday 9/14/2018 there was a meeting of parents who are interested in becoming involved in the school. The Parent Council Executive Committee (PCEC) will be holding elections for some positions, however all parents are welcome to become more involved in our school. One of the concerns discussed was communication. There are challenges around which […]

Gabriel’s first day in Kindergarten

Yesterday was Gabriel’s first day in kindergarten at his new school. He was very alert and very excited, and so were SC and I. We awoke early, around 5:15am, got ready, put on his uniform and took the train to 14 Street Union Square. We arrived and registered at the main office, then Ms Little, […]


Breathe One last moment, a word of life Good bye and God-be-with-ye A long journey through the garden paths Carefully tended flowers Weeds and rocks Reaching for the next post You have arrived in the resting abode breathe again No Regrets The day’s light dances a tango with the night’s darkness An arithmetic arranged The […]