PCEC Meeting Friday 9/14/2018

On Friday 9/14/2018 there was a meeting of parents who are interested in becoming involved in the school. The Parent Council Executive Committee (PCEC) will be holding elections for some positions, however all parents are welcome to become more involved in our school.
One of the concerns discussed was communication. There are challenges around which channels to use for communication (some parents don’t use email, some prefer text, some prefer to see a print-out in the scholar’s folder). There was also a discussion on using and managing the Shutterfly site that has been used in previous years. Ms Marrero, part of the school’s operations team, will help coordinate activating this channel. This site also includes calendar, discussion boards, and place to share photos of various school events.
We learned that there are bylaws for the PCEC, which will be made available. And we got to meet each other; a group of parents who want to become involved to varying degrees.