One last moment, a word of life
Good bye and God-be-with-ye
A long journey through the garden paths
Carefully tended flowers
Weeds and rocks
Reaching for the next post
You have arrived in the resting abode
breathe again

No Regrets
The day’s light dances a tango with the night’s darkness
An arithmetic arranged
The sum of all our acts
How do we measure one lifetime
The sun that rises makes a new day
Following the sun and night never comes
Your tired bones a seat to find

The days add up multiply
How many smiles
How many joyful dances
How many painful lonely moments
Each autumn and each spring
How many leaves fall and petals on flowers born
When you lay upon that bed
Having no regret

At dawn’s break
the sun rises once again
tomorrow we will have your absence
We will remember the moments
Todo pasa menos el amor
Everything passes except the love

© 2015 Eduardo De León