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This past weekend G reached twenty-five months, and is generally doing well. We went to a dance parade, a book store, a playground, a park, a cafe, a laundromat and Legoland. It was fun.

One thing I don’t like about restaurants is lengthy menus. Too many choices overwhelm me. If a restaurant serves burgers and pasta, and Mexican and Thai fare, and specializes in desserts and drinks, I miss the concept of what is good there and what I should focus my attention on when ordering.

Another thing that annoys me is poor service. Rarely will bad service get a pass. The following things annoyed me recently during a visit to a restaurant: I was not greeted, there was no eye contact, there was no body language that indicated that I was being attended to, the cost of the food was not communicated until the food was ready for take out.


Brown paper bag

Nov 20 13
EL 18 C
Blanca Guillen
-On Dec 20th I bought a sandwich from Cozy Soup & Burger (on Broadway at Astor Place, in Manhattan), and received it in a Duro brown bag by Blanca Guillen, and had the code above. Another well-made bag that will be reused.

I performed a web search for that name, and happened upon a blog post that mentioned this and other names on paper bags. And to another site that seems to keep a log of these bags, but doesn’t explain why (other than to state that they are not affiliated with Duro bag makers.)

I imagine a documentary film on this subject.



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OS X: Location of Open File/Folder

In OS X, to learn the location of the file/folder you have currently open, hold down Command and click on the document/folder name in the window’s title bar. This will display the hierarchical path of folders where it is located.

To change the location of the open file/folder, simply click, hold then drag the document icon from the window’s title bar to your desired location.